At Liberty, we believe it is important to safeguard the environment and protect the health and safety of our personnel wherever and whenever we conduct our business operations. We also seek to affiliate with other businesses that recognize the importance of preserving the environment and protecting the health and safety of their employees and anyone else with whom they interact.

- Chris Wright, CEO

Safety Culture

At Liberty, safety is embodied in the culture that we have created because our people are our most valuable asset. Liberty’s turnover rates are consistently 3 to 4 times lower than the industry average allowing our teams to work cohesively and safely, day or night. Our employees have access to a robust in house training program, The Liberty Frac Academy, that keeps them on the forefront of technology and safety.

Our strong focus on safety shows in our results - from our TRIR to our driver safety program - the safety of our people comes before all else.

In 2018, almost 4 million miles were driven with no unsafe driving violations and no reportable crashes.Additionally, Liberty was pleased to be awarded the Colorado Commercial Motor Carriers President’s Trophy for the best safety program in April 2017

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Each Liberty crew has a Field Safety Representative (FSR) on their team. The FSRs use the Behavior Based Safety Model to observe human trends in the workplace and predict incidents with the goal of preventing them from happening. From location audits to DOT spot checks on vehicles, the FSRs role is to keep personnel, equipment and the environment safe.


Every Liberty crew is equipped with a digital tablet that stores location-specific emergency data for easy access on the job. The unit automatically syncs to our online library to ensure the most up to date Safety Data Sheets are available. Additionally, hard copies of emergency data are maintained on site should the need arise.

"Everyone on site has stopwork authority"